Managing Automated Tasks

The Automation Manager allows you to run an automated task, to create and modify automated tasks, and delete custom automated tasks which you no longer use.

To run the Automation Manager:

Use the buttons on the Automation Manager toolbar to create, modify, delete or run automated tasks.

The left-hand pane lists the available automated tasks. The automated tasks shipped with ABBYY FineReader are marked with and custom automated tasks are marked with . Automated tasks which cannot be run on your computer are marked with . Clicking an automated task in the left-hand pane displays its steps in the right-hand pane.

Note: If you want recognized text to be sent to another application, this application must be installed on your computer. Automated tasks which are programmed to send recognized text to applications which are not installed will not run. Such automated tasks will not be displayed in the drop-down list at the right of the Scan&Read button or in Process>Automated Tasks.

Button name Button description
New Creates a new automated task. The Automation Wizard will help you select the required steps and make the settings.
    Export... Exports an automated task to a file which can be used on other computers.
In the Export Automated Task dialog that opens, specify an *.fta file to which the automated task will be saved.

Note: By default, ABBYY FineReader saves automated tasks in %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\ABBYY\FineReader\8.00.

    Import... Imports an automated task.
In the Import Automated Task dialog, select an *.fta file you wish to import and a folder where it will be stored.
Modify Modifies the properties of the selected automated task. The Automation Wizard will help you select the required properties.
Note: You cannot modify automated tasks shipped with ABBYY FineReader. However, you can copy such tasks and then modify these copies.
Copy Copies an automated task. The copy of an automated task will be added to the list of available automated tasks immediately after its original.
Delete Deletes an automated task.
Note: You cannot delete automated tasks shipped with ABBYY FineReader.
Run Runs an automated task.

Tip: To rename an automated task, right-click the task and select Rename in the local menu.