FormFiller communicates with the scanner via TWAIN-interface and uses the TWAIN-source dialog to set up the scanning options.

Important! In order to connect the scanner properly, please consult the scanner's documentation prior to using the application. Don't forget to install the software accompanying the scanner (TWAIN driver and/or scanning program) during scanner installation to ensure proper operation.

In order to scan:

Click this button or select the New>From Scanner item in the File menu. A scanning settings dialog will open. Set up the following parameters:
  • Image type - gray (256 shades) or black&white.
    If the form contains color elements (pictures, color letters or background) and you plan to print it out in color or save in a color image file, select the color image type.
  • Resolution - use 200 dpi for scanning in shades of gray and 300 dpi - for scanning in black&white or for forms set in a small font size (8 pts and less).
  • Brightness - an average value of 50% is good nearly in all cases.
    If the form is too dark or too light, change the brightness value. The brightness value should be adjusted so as to make sure all the form elements are retained on the image.

Click the Scan button. It may also be captioned as "Finish", depending on the scanner manufacturer.

Note: Scan a blank form.

Checking and correcting the image
Creating and editing the form fields
Saving the page image