Printing the Form Out

You can print an entirely filled-in form, a blank form, or you can print only data. When you select the Print item in the File menu (or click the Print button in the Print Preview mode), a Print dialog opens. You may select the printer on which to print the form and set up the necessary printing settings in this dialog. If you click the toolbar button, the printing begins immediately and current printing settings are used.

Choosing the print mode

You can choose from the following print modes:

In order to choose the print mode:

In order to change the printer settings:

Print preview mode

You may preview the form before printing it out:

By default, the whole form is displayed on the screen in the preview mode. You may, however, change the display scale by clicking the  Zoom in or Zoom out buttons.

To quit the print preview mode and return to the last mode you were using, click Close.