Data Import Wizard - Output

Option name

Option description

"Header row" group
List with header row Allows you to specify that the imported CSV file contains a row with field names. The data from this row won't be used for filling the form.
"Output" group
Print filled forms  The forms are filled in and printed but they aren't saved to disk.
Note: We advise you to set up the printing options before clicking Next, just click the Print Setup button.
"Print setup" button Opens the Print dialog. You may set up the printing parameters in the dialog.
Save filled forms to files

Forms are filled in and the saved into the folder specified in the Folder field. You may open the saved forms and edit them in FormFiller.

Save filled forms as images

The forms are filled-in and saved as image files in *.tif format. The folder in which the images are saved is specified in the Folder field when you click the Browse button.

Save in Specifies the folder in which the saved forms will be placed in.
"Browse" button Opens the Select Output Folder dialog. You may select or change the output folder in the dialog.