Dialog: Properties, tab: Format

Option name

Option description


Specifies the text format for field:

  • Simple field - the text is put in the field according to the alignment chosen.
  • Comb field - the field is cut into cells of the same width. Each cell may contain a single character. The number of cells is specified in the Length field. When you input your data, each character you enter is placed into a separate cell. If the number of character you've entered is greater than the field length, the data entered are cut to fit the length.
  • Multi-line field - the field is cut into rows of equal height by horizontal lines (invisible on the printed out copy), the number of rows is specified in the Lines field.
Length Specifies the number of cells for a comb field.
Lines Specifies the number of lines for a multi-lines field.
Font Specifies the font, its size and style for the current field. Click the button to modify. 
Resize font to fit to field height Select this option to have the application set up the font automatically for the current size of field.