Document with Decorative Font

Situation description: too many errors during recognition.

Document with decorative font


FineReader can successfully read texts set in practically any standard font (with such texts the application is nearly insensitive to printing quality) but it is not meant for recognising of texts set in decorative fonts such as: FuturisShadowC, PragmaticaShadowC, CyrillicGoth etc.

Solution: There is a special recognition mode to increase the recognition quality of this document: Recognition with training. This process of training a pattern is: first, recognize a page or two in the special training mode. The training result is a pattern. Then FineReader will use this pattern to help to recognize the rest of the text. The created pattern is only useful for recognising texts printed in the same font, in the same size and scanned in the same resolution as the document you trained your pattern on.

  1. Draw blocks.(menu Process>Analyze page layout or click the button on the Image Tool toolbar).
  2. Start the Train user pattern mode - click the Train user pattern on the Recognition tab, menu Tools>Options, in the Training group. The default pattern name ("Default") will be displayed in the status line. 
  3. Set the recognition language (English).
  4. Click the 2-Read button.
  5. Train your pattern - recognize a page or two in the Train user pattern mode. 
    Trained characters are saved in the default pattern. After you have finished training the pattern, FineReader saves the created pattern (Default.ptn) in the current batch folder.
  6. Edit your pattern.
  7. Turn off the train mode (click the Use user pattern item on the Recognition tab).