Creating User Dictionaries

Creating an editable dictionary that can be updated as you work with ABBYY Lingvo

To create a user dictionary that can be updated as you work with Lingvo:

  1. Select the Dictionaries... command from the Tools menu.
  2. In the Dictionaries dialog box that opens, click Create...
  3. In the New Dictionary dialog box that opens, type in a name for your new dictionary, specify the translation direction, make other necessary settings and click OK.
  4. Add cards to the user dictionary you have just created.

The new user dictionary will be automatically added to the Default Group and to the last dictionary group you used whose translation direction is the same as that of the new user dictionary.

Creating a DSL dictionary

To create a DSL dictionary:

  1. Write the DSL code of the new dictionary in a text editor.
  2. Save the text file in ANSI or Unicode encoding
  3. Compile the file.
  4. Add the compiled dictionary to the ABBYY Lingvo Bookshelf.