Compiling a Dictionary

To compile a *.dsl dictionary:

  1. Click Start and select Programs>ABBYY Lingvo>DSL Compiler. 
  2. In the DSL Compiler dialog box that opens, select the *.dsl file that contains the text of your dictionary and then select the required compilation parameters.
  3. Click the Compile button.
  4. The result of the coimpilation is  a *.dde file and an *.lsd file. Correct the errors and warnings listed in the *.dde file (if any) and recompile your dictionary.

When the DSL Compiler finishes compiling your dictionary, the About Dictionary dialog box is displayed.

If your cards contain not only text in the target language, but also text fragments in other languages, you must enclose such fragments in lang tags.

If your dictionary cosists of several file, use the #INCLUDE command to join the files during compilation.