Paragraph Formatting

When displaying a card text Lingvo system formats each paragraph according to card window width. Paragraph margins are defined as follows:

In other words, each first paragraph line begins in the first position of the card window while the rest of the paragraph is divided into lines (ending with a complete word) the length of which depends on the card window width.

You should specify the left paragraph margin (counted from the left card window margin) using «[mN]» tag (N is any digit from 1 to 9). Any paragraph from this tag until the end of card or until system meets an «[/m]» (margin shift toggle off) tag, will be displayed positioned N spaces to the right from the left card window margin.

For example, if you want to display translation one space to the right from the card header, you should format the card as follows:

    [m1]1) маленький [/m]
    [m1][*]@ little one


[m1]2) немного, мало[/m]
    [m1]3) пустяк, мелочь[/m]
    [m1][*]@ little by little
    мало-помалу, постепенно