Inserting Pictures and Sound

You can insert picture or sound file in a DSL dictionary entry (card). When you display this card the picture or the sound file will be replaced with the icon. Click the icon to display the picture in a separate window or to listen to the sound. 

The source image or sound file should be located either in the Lingvo directory or dictionary directory. 

To insert a picture in a DSL dictionary entry:

Ex: [s]mypicture.bmp[/s].

Supported image formats:

BMP, Bitmaps (*.bmp)

PCX (*.pcx)

DCX (*.dcx)

JPEG (*.jpg)

TIFF (*.tif)

To insert a sound in a DSL dictionary entry:

Ex: [s]mysound.wav[/s].

Important! A sound card compatible with your operating system should be used for listening sound files.

Supported sound formats:

Wave Sound (*.wav)

To insert a video in a DSL dictionary entry: