Translating Words and Phrases from Other Applications

Important! Make sure that the source language selected on ABBYY Lingvo's Languages bar corresponds to the language of your text.

To translate a word or phrase from another application (e.g. from Microsoft Word, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, Microsoft Outlook, Notepad ) if Lingvo is not launched:

  1. Select the word or phrase you wish to translate
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Click on the Microsoft Word toolbar.
    • Select the Translate with ABBYY Lingvo... command (available in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Internet Explorer).
    • Press Ctrl+Ins+Ins or Ctrl+C+C (depending on which hot keys are selected on the Magic Keys tab).


You can also run ABBYY Lingvo and drag and drop the words and phrases you wish to translate onto the Lingvo main window.

You can set up the multilingual edition of ABBYY Lingvo to automatically select the language of the translated word or phrase using all the enabled dictionaries of the current group.