Additional features of ABBYY Lingvo 9.0 English-Russian and Multilingual Electronic Dictionaries

  1. English-Russian and Russian-English dictionaries constantly replenished with actual words and meanings
  2. Powerful general dictionaries for five languages
  3. Specialized dictionaries
  4. Dictionary of Great Britain
  5. New Dictionary of Contemporary Informal English
  6. German-Russian Active Dictionary
  7. Phrasebooks for five languages
  8. Your own dictionaries
  9. More than free 100 additional  dictionaries at
  10. Additional programs and utilities
  11. Choose a platform
  12. Network installation
  13. Gift Lingvo box

Dictionaries of  Lingvo 9.0  Popular,  English-Russian, and Multilingual compared

Functionality of  ABBYY  Lingvo 9.0  popular, English-Eussian, and Multilingual compared