Dictionary of Great Britain

Dictionary of Great Britain . © Russkiy Yazyk Media, 2003/ by Adrian R. W. Room, 10,000 words.

This dictionary- encyclopedia is a new edition of Dictionary of Great Britain published in 1978.

The contents of the book has been greatly revised in view of new Great Britain reality. A great part of the dictionary words are proper names such as the names of companies, institutions, agencies, societies, papers and magazines, television and radio programs, and cultural centers.

These entries as well as the others are provided with extensive historic and other reference information including the circulation of papers and magazines, the number of students of colleges and universities and so on. Many entries are supplied with etymologic, stylistic and other interesting and useful information.

The dictionary helps non-native speakers to understand the background and nuances of English texts, shows them with full picture of British life nevertheless the peculiarity of the theme he deals with.

The book is written by an English writer with the assistance of Russian authors. The dictionary is included in both ABBYY Lingvo 9.0 Multilanguage and English-Russian versions.