Font and color settings

You can set your own Card font (font used to display the card's contents) and Word List font (font used to display words in the Word List). By default it is Arial.

To change the font:
(for example, you'd like to set Times New Roman Cyr for card contents and Courier New Cyr for the Word List):

  1. Choose Options from the Tools menu.
  2. In the displayed Options dialog, Format tab, choose Times New Roman Cyr from the Card Font list and Courier New Cyr from the Word List Font.

Important! For proper representation of Cyrillic characters in the card and Word List you should choose the font with Cyrillic support (see the operating system documentation for instructions on how to set up such a font).

You can also choose the color for highlighted card words such as references and labels (select Options/Format from the Tools menu).