Full-text search

ABBYY Lingvo can perform full-text searches for your query word or phrase in the whole text of all active dictionaries of the current pair of languages.

How does full-text search work?

Suppose you need to translate the phrase «мастер на все руки» from Russian into English. There is no such phrase in the Lingvo Word List but you can perform a full-text search. This phrase may be present in the examples or comments sections of several dictionary entries. Once you have seen this phrase and its translations in different cards, you will be able to choose the translation that best suits your context. Note also that you can enter your query words in any grammatical form.

To search for a word or a phrase in all Lingvo dictionaries:

A Search window appears where you can see a list of cards organized into several groups:

  1. In the Search window, next to each search result you can see the name of the dictionary in which the query word has been found.
  2. If the number of cards is too large, you can browse the list by pressing CTRL+Page Down or CTRL+Page Up. You can also use  Add results” or  “Reduce results” buttons.

To change search criteria:

In the Search dialog specify the type of search:


  1. If your query contains more than one word, by default the dictionary performs an “AND” search and ignores the word order.
  2. When you perform an “AND” search, you can specify a maximum distance between the words in the query and ask Lingvo to match the word order. 
  3. When you perform an “OR”, the cards that contain the most words from your query are shown first. Generally, the most relevant results are displayed in the first group of cards.
  4. When you perform an "OR" search, Lingvo will ignore function words (prepositions, conjunctions, interjections, personal pronouns, etc.) unless they are found in the same card as at least one non-function word from the query. Cards containing only function words will not be displayed.


ABBYY Lingvo Popular Dictionary can perform full-text searches using either the current language pair or the languages of all the active dictionaries.

To perform a full-text search using all the languages of all the active dictionaries: