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ABBYY (formerly BIT Software) was founded in 1989 by David Yang, a graduate student of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Today ABBYY is one of the world's leading developers of artificial intelligence, linguistic, text processing and OCR software.

Currently the ABBYY Group employs about 350 people. The company's headquarters are located in Moscow, with offices in the USA (Fremont, California), Germany (Munich), the UK (Bishops Stortford) and Ukraine (Kiev). ABBYY also has a wide network of dealers and partners in 80 countries on all continents.

The company's products have long been popular with users around the world for their exceptional quality and ease of use. According to ABBYY estimates, around 8,000,000 people worldwide use FineReader, ABBYY's flagship OCR program that has won more than 100 awards in tests conducted by the world's leading IT magazines and test labs (as of September 2003).

ABBYY's software products are also market leaders at home. In a poll conducted by Russian PC World magazine in 2002, several ABBYY products were named "Best Product of the Year" for the fifth year running. ABBYY Lingvo became the winner in the "Electronic Dictionaries" category with 79% of the votes. ABBYY FineReader received 97% of the votes and became the best product in the "OCR Software" category.

ABBYY's  estimates show that more than 800,000 people in Russia use ABBYY FineReader. Home users, private companies and government agencies use ABBYY FineReader to process 400,000,000 documents each year. ABBYY FormReader is widely used for processing tax returns, questionnaires of the Russian Pension Fund, nation-wide exam papers, and numerous other forms. More than 500 banks in Russia use ABBYY FineReader Bank to process payment documents. It is estimated that ABBYY FineReader and ABBYY FormReader have earned Russian companies and government institutions around 21.6bn roubles. Polls show that electronic dictionaries are installed on 40% of computers in Russia and ABBYY Lingvo accounts for 80% of these dictionaries. ABBYY estimates the number of Lingvo users in Russia to stand at around 4.1m. The economic benefit of ABBYY products worldwide has amounted to USD 4.9bn.

The unrivalled quality of ABBYY products is the direct result of the extensive research carried out by ABBYY specialists. In 2002, the developers of ABBYY FineReader received the Science and Technology Award from the Russian government.

The quality of ABBYY's software products has been recognized worldwide. Some of the projects where ABBYY technology is used:

ABBYY products are used by the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, Sberbank, Vneshtorgbank, ROSNO, Adidas, Perekryostok, AVTOVAZ, Archivista (Switzerland), Office of the President of the Russian Federation, Arkenstone (USA), All-Russian Broadcasting Network, C Technologies (Sweden), GAZPROM, DAEWOO (Moscow), The State Duma of the Russian Federation, DHL INTERNATIONAL C.I.S., Russian History Library, eFax (USA), LOCKHEED SPACE AND MISSILE CORPORATION (USA), State Registration Chamber of the Russian Federation, MAS Elektronikhandels GmbH (Germany), The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, MASTER FOODS (Moscow), the Hermitage, MERCEDES-BENZ AD, ITAR-TASS, NewSoft (USA), the Russian Ministry of the Interior, OTG Software (USA), Moscow University, Primax (Netherlands), Mosprivatizatsiya, PROCTER&GAMBLE (Moscow), Moscow Mayor's Office, SALAMANDER (Moscow), Samsung Electronics (South Korea), Yukos, Samsung Data Systems (South Korea), Siemens Nixdorf (Germany), the Moscow Government, Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd. (Japan), Energiya (Russian aeronautics corporation), TOKYO INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, YVES ROCHER, the Bank of Moscow, METRO Cash & Carry (Moscow), Nestle (Moscow), Rosoboroneksport, Bolshevik
... and more than 100,000 other companies in 80 countries.

For more information about ABBYY, please visit www.ABBYY.ru


ABBYY FineReader 7.0 Professional Edition
- an Optical Character Recognition program. An ideal solution for those who need to convert paper or PDF documents into editable electronic formats, retaining the original layouts and formatting. Supports 177 languages, exports results to Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and saves results in PDF and HTML. The program's excellent recognition quality and ease of use are recognized by professionals around the world. FineReader has won more than 100 international awards in the last five years.
ABBYY FineReader 7.0 Corporate Edition
- an OCR application designed specifically for network environments. It combines the highest level of accuracy and format retention with robust networking capabilities. Offers all of the features of FineReader 7.0 Professional Edition, plus special capabilities for businesses - automated network installation, support for network scanners and MFPs, administrative tools, distributed document processing, and support for multi-processor systems. Flexible licensing schemes and discounts are available.
ABBYY FineReader 5 Pro for Mac
- developed by ABBYY Software House and Sound & Vision, Inc. specifically for the Mac. Toolbars, icons, and dialog boxes are all designed to work seamlessly with the Mac OS Appearance Manager. All core Apple OS Technologies are supported, including QuickTime, AppleSpeech, AppleScript, Drag-and-Drop, and Navigation Services.
ABBYY FineReader 5.0 Sprint
- the OEM version of ABBYY FineReader bundled with scanners and multifunctional devices. It is a good start for those making their first steps in OCR. The program's interface is very simple and implements the one-button Scan&Read principle.
ABBYY FormReader
- a forms processing solution for capturing data from forms filled in by hand, including receipts, registration cards, statements, questionnaires, ballot papers, etc. Results can be validated using database and dictionary checks and validation rules, and then exported to files and databases via ODBC. FormReader can be used for tasks of different scale - it has been successfully used for customer surveys, processing questionnaires of the Russian Pension Fund, tax returns, etc.
ABBYY FineReader Bank
- an automated system for processing payment documents based on "flexi-form" technology (the location of fields may vary from form to form and yet the program will correctly recognize and capture data). FineReader Bank detects and recognizes fields containing information, checks the results against external databases and exports them into information systems. Currently more than 500 financial institutions, including Russia's largest banks, are using ABBYY FineReader Bank
ABBYY FineReader 6.0 Scripting Edition
- a Software Development Kit for controlling ABBYY FineReader 6.0 Professional/Corporate Edition via an Automation API. Accessible from Visual Basic and C++ development environments and scripting languages. 
ABBYY Retrieval & Morphology Engine
– an SDK for integrating full-text search, indexing and morphology analysis capabilities into local and client-server applications.

Detailed information about ABBYY products is available at www.abbyy.com. You can also call us at: (095) 234–4400, (095) 783-3700. Fax: (095) 956-4787. E-mail: sales@abbyy.com.

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