Software and Hardware Requirements

You will need the following to run ABBYY Lingvo on PC:

  1. PC with a Pentium® 200 MHz processor or higher.
  2. Microsoft® Windows® XP, Microsoft® Windows® 2000, Windows® 98SE/Millennium Edition (you will also need Cyrillic alphabet support to work with the Russian interface).
  3. System requirements depend on the operating system used: 32 MB of RAM for Windows®98SE/Millennium Edition; 64 MB of RAM for Windows®XP/2000.
  4. Free hard disk space: 80-380 MB of hard disk space; an additional 160 MB is required for the sound file.

    Note: During custom installation, Lingvo will rebuild the index and may require additional disk space to store temporary files. These temporary files will be stored in the folder into which ABBYY Lingvo 9.0 is being installed and in the Temp folder of your operating system.

    If there is not enough space on your hard disk, the installation program will display a message asking you to free up disk space and telling you how much space should be freed. You can obtain this information beforehand by clicking on the Space button in the Custom Setup dialog. In most cases, you will need 150 MB (including 35 MB in the Temp folder).

  5. SVGA monitor (600x800 resolution or higher).

  6. Sound card and headphones or loudspeakers (recommended).
  7. Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5.0 SP2 or higher.
    Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6.0 is included in the Lingvo package; you will need 27 MB of hard disk space to install IE 6.0.
  8. CD-ROM drive to install the program.