Creating a list of word forms

To use a newly added word in all its forms for full-text searches, you must build the list of word forms of this word.

When Lingvo creates a list of word forms, or a paradigm, it uses the grammar rules of the language of the word. For example, to build the list of word forms of the word typed in the Edit Line, Lingvo will use the source language selected in the Language bar.


Be sure to check that you have chosen the correct source language.

To change the source language:

To create a list of word forms:

In the Primary Form dialog:
  1. Set the Part of Speech switch to one of the following positions: Noun, Adjective, Verb or Inflexible.
  2. Select the Proper Name check box if the world should always be written with the first letter capitalized.
    If you are adding a word with fixed capitalization, select Word as is.
  3. Choose the suitable primary form from the suggested list.
  4. Click OK. Lingvo will start creating the list of word forms for the current word.
  5. Click Yes if the list of word forms is correct. Click No if you want the program to suggest another variant. Click Cancel to rebuild the list of word forms.