"Card" dialog

Use this dialog to type the text to be displayed on cards you create in user dictionaries.

Option name

Option value

Language Displays the language of the current word of the card edited.
Card  All the card’s contents are displayed in this window. If your card contains text fragments in a language different from the target language (e.g. when you need to add examples in the original language), you have to specify the language of these fragments manually. To do this, right-click your mouse and select the necessary language from the pop-up list.
Save  Allows you to save changes you have made to your card. If the dictionary cannot create a list of word forms (i.e. the paradigm) for the card’s heading, the program will ask you to build the list manually. If you press No, the word will be entered without its word forms. If you press Yes, a Primary Form dialog will appear.

Note: If you are adding a word or phrase to a new user dictionary, you will see the New dictionary dialog when saving the card. You have to specify the source language and the target language in this dialog.

Close Closes the dialog.