"Card History " window

Opens the Card History window. You can see the list of all open cards and search or translate queries made during the current Lingvo session.

Cards history - the list of all cards opened during the current Lingvo session.

Queries history - the list of words typed in the Edit Line or pasted from the clipboard.

To the left of the card's heading the pair of languages of the corresponding dictionary is shown.



  1. Cards history of previous Lingvo sessions is also shown.

  2. In Cards history window there is a limitation for the quantity of cards' headings shown - 30 items for each cards history and queries history. 


The "Card history" window buttons:

- Open the card from Word List. Opens the card of the word selected in the search result list.

- Sync contents. Synchronize list contents. Places the card headword in the Edit line and arranges the Word List so that the list section containing the headword and its environment is displayed.

- Clear contents. Clears the list.