Magic Keys and  Office Clipboard

When you use the Magic Keys (CTRL+INS+INS or CTRL+C+C) to translate words from MS Office 2000/XP applications (Word, Outlook, etc.), the Clipboard toolbar may appear. In MS Office 2000 you cannot make the Clipboard toolbar appear always in the same place of your screen. This problem has been solved in MS Office XP and if you are using this latest version of MS Office you can attach the Clipboard to the toolbar.

If you are using MS Office 2000 and are not satisfied with the way the Office Clipboard works, you can force it not to appear when pressing the Magic Keys. The Office Clipboard will retain its full functionality, but will not appear when you press CTRL+INS+INS or CTRL+C+C. You can restore the default Office Clipboard options if necessary.

To disable the Office Clipboard: 

To enable the Office Clipboard: