Card window

The card toolbar:

- Make card permanent/temporary (CTRL+T).  

Click this button to make a card permanent/temporary. A permanent card remains open until the user closes it. A temporary card is closed automatically when the user opens other cards or clicks the Close temporary cards button.

- Show Word Forms.  Click this button to see List of Forms window.

Note. When working with a card you can view the list of forms of any word you have met in the card; to do this, click on the required word and press CTRL+W.

- Show brief/full translation (CTRL+NUM *) 

Click this button to hide/unhide phrases and examples, as well as synonyms and antonyms for the card’s headword.

- Sync contents (CTRL+S)

Click this button to place the card’s headword to the Edit Line and highlight the headword in the Word List. Note that clicking this button () may invert the translation direction.

- Find in card (F3)

Use this option to find words or phrases in the whole text of the card.

- Previous dictionary (ALT+UpArrow)

Click this button to see the card with the same headword from the previous dictionary.

- Next dictionary (ALT+DownArrow)

Click this button to see the card with the same headword from the next dictionary.

- Dictionary (TAB)

Click on the arrow to the right to see the drop-down list with the names of all dictionaries containing the query word.


  1. Only one-word entries in the LingvoEssential dictionary are provided with pronunciation. Some entries in other dictionaries may also contain pronunciation information.

  2. When ABBYY Lingvo 9.0 displays cards found during a full-text search, you will notice certain differences:

  1. Words «(search result)» are added to the window's caption.
  2. The query words found in the text of the card are highlighted.
  3. If your query word or phrase has been found in several dictionaries, the entries from these dictionaries will be displayed in separate cards.

To change card size and position:

  1. Move the current card to the place on the screen where you want to see cards open in the future.  
  2. Change the card’s size if necessary.
  3. Click the   in the top left corner of the card and choose Save position of primary card or Save position of secondary card for the first and second opening card respectively. Move the card to the place where you want to see it open next time.