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The help file contains a User's Guide to ABBYY Lingvo and a detailed description of ABBYY Lingvo features. 
There are three ways to get information on a particular topic. You can use:

Technical Support

Here you can find the address, phone number and e-mail address of ABBYY Software House.

How to buy?

Here you can see the resellers' addresses and contact information.

Register Now

The registration form from the ABBYY website will be displayed. You can become a legal user of ABBYY Lingvo 9.0 by filling in the enclosed form.

Web-links    Technical Support Page

The technical support page on the ABBYY website will be displayed. 

Web-links    Lingvo Forums

The ABBYY Lingvo Forums page on the ABBYY website will be displayed.

Web-links    ABBYY Homepage

At you can find detailed information about ABBYY and its products and projects.

Web-links    Lingvo Homepage

The official Lingvo website:

About Lingvo...

Brief information about the system.