Automatically mark accepted transactions as reconciled
Use this setting to have Money automatically mark online transactions as reconciled (R) when you accept them. Marking transactions as reconciled is useful if you want to keep track of which transactions have cleared your bank, or if you want to sort your transactions according to whether they have cleared.

Do not use this setting if you balance your Money accounts against a paper or electronic statement . When a transaction is marked as reconciled, it changes the amount Money uses as the starting balance for account balancing, which will make it impossible to balance your Money account properly.

Note: To perform this advanced task, you must be using the Advanced Account Register. To find out which register you're using, look for the Essential Register or Advanced Register label in the upper-right corner of the account register.

  1. On the Tools menu, click Settings.
  2. Click Online service settings.
  3. Select the Automatically mark accepted transactions as reconciled (R) check box.