Money asks you to download accounts you've already downloaded

The service that Money uses to communicate with some banks and brokerages has changed, so Money may ask you to download your accounts from those banks and brokerages again. When you set up the account, Money will help you match the account you're downloading to the existing account in your Money file so you won't have duplicate accounts.

To update your account service, turn off online services for the bank or brokerage, and then add the account again:

  1. Click Account Tools, and then click Manage online services.
  2. Click the bank or brokerage name, and then click Stop using online services.
  3. Return to the Manage online services page.
  4. Under You haven't set up online services with these banks or brokerages, click Set up online services next to the bank or brokerage you want to update.
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen.