Track the value of a home, car, or other asset
If you want a more complete picture of your finances, use Money to track the value of an asset, such as a house, car, boat, or real estate. If you track assets in Money, you can use the net worth reports to get a picture of your overall financial position. Your assets are also an important part of your Lifetime Plan.
  1. Click Banking.
  2. Under Common tasks, click Add a new account.
  3. Click Other account type, and then click Next.
  4. Click an account type, and then click Next. To learn more about an account type, click it.
  5. Choose how closely you'll want to track this asset.
    • To track only the asset's total value, click Just track the total value.
    • To track detailed changes in the asset's value, or if you want to compare its value against a loan (such as a mortgage or car loan), click Track transactions and other details.
  6. Follow the instructions on the screen.


To update the value of an asset you've already entered, go to the account list, click the account, and then, in the left pane, click Update current value.