Schedule an automatic payment (Apay)
Automatic payments are recurring online payments that Money makes based on the schedule you want. For example, you can tell Money to pay your mortgage on the 5th of every month, and Money submits the payment automatically.

Note: The steps in this task vary depending on whether you use Essential Bills or Advanced Bills. To find out which type you're using, click Bills, and then look for the Essential Bills or Advanced Bills label in the upper-right corner of the Bills summary page.

  1. At the top of the page, click Bills.
  2. Depending on your current setting, choose one of the following:
    • If you are using Essential Bills , click New.
    • If you are using Advanced Bills , click New, and then click Bill.
  3. Enter the payment details.
  4. Under Payment Information, in the Pay from list, choose an account with online bill payment.
  5. In the Payment method box, select Automatic payment (Apay).

    Note: If you can't select Automatic payment (Apay), you didn't choose an account with online bill payment in the Pay from list.

  6. Click Submit Payment Online.