About Autobudget

If you are using an Advanced Budget , and have entered transactions or set up recurring bills and deposits, a Money feature called Autobudget will automatically start the budgeting process for you. Autobudget gathers up to a year's worth of your data (or the data you've entered to date), selects your common spending categories, estimates an average for the category based on a small time period, and then puts the information in your budget. You can then edit the budget to meet your needs.

Autobudget depends partially on the recurring bills and deposits you create in the Bills area. To ensure that Autobudget estimates your bills correctly, review your bills for accuracy and delete any you no longer use. Autobudget is also dependent on the regular categorization of your transactions in the Banking area (it doesn't include transactions that don't have categories).

To view Autobudget values, click Budget, and then in the left pane, click Edit budget. Near the bottom of the Enter your income page, click the Autobudget link. If you want to accept a value from Autobudget, select only that check box and clear the others before you click OK. Otherwise, Autobudget may overwrite amounts you have already edited.

To see the Autobudget values for expenses, on the Enter your income page, click Next, and then click the Autobudget link on the Enter your expenses page.


To use the Autobudget feature, you must have at least a month's worth of transactions in your Money file.