About business and personal categories and accounts

When you use Money to track your business and personal finances, you must designate each category as business or personal. You can see your business categories in the equity section of the Chart of Accounts . To see both personal and business categories, click Banking, click Account Tools, and then click Categories and Payees.

You can add new categories as needed to Money. However, try to create just enough categories to help you track your business income and expenses, but not so many that they clutter your business reports and make it harder for you to see patterns in your business finances.

Each of your asset and liability accounts must also be designated as a business or a personal account. If you have an account that you use for both purposes, such as a checking or loan account, identify it as a business account so you will see it in your business reports. The assets and liabilities section of the Chart of Accounts shows all your accounts designated for business.