Create an invoice that includes reimbursable expenses
If you need to bill a customer for reimbursable expenses, you can include the expenses on the customer's invoice. To do this, you must have already entered a business expense transaction in an account, such as your checking account or credit card account, and have selected the Reimbursable check box for that transaction.
  1. Click Business, and then click New Invoice.
  2. Enter the appropriate information in the top of the invoice.
  3. Click Add Time/Expenses, and then click Add Reimbursable Expenses to this Invoice.
  4. Select the check boxes next to the reimbursable expenses that you are adding.
  5. Choose the income category to which you want payment of this reimbursable expense assigned.
  6. Enter the appropriate markup rate and sales tax information, and then click OK.
  7. To add any other items to the invoice, click Add Item and enter the appropriate information.
  8. At the bottom of the invoice, click Save and New to create another new invoice, or click Save and Done.


The Reimbursable check box is enabled only for business categories. In the category list, business categories have a green box beside the category name.