About bank or brokerage sign-in information

To update your bank or brokerage information online, you should enter your sign-in information exactly as you would on the Web site of your bank or brokerage. (This password may be different than the password you use to sign in to Money.)

If Money asks you to enter "special sign-in information for use with Money," then you need to obtain this information from your bank before you can set up online updates in Money. The service of providing account information to Money may be called OFX services by your bank.

If you have never accessed your account information on your bank's Web site, you will need to register with its Web site before you can set up the account in Money. The bank's Web site will have information on how to use the site and see your account information online. This process requires that you choose a password (or other information unique to you). Once you can access your account on the bank's Web site, you can use the same sign-in information to set up your account in Money.


To have your account information updated automatically in Money, when you set up an account in Money you must select the Remember this password check box on the Enter your bank or brokerage sign-in information page. You can also switch to automatic updates after you've set up an account.