About asset allocation in the Lifetime Planner

You already know that where you put your money determines how much you'll have later. But knowing this, and knowing what to do about it, are two different things.

Money can lend you a hand. After looking at the current asset allocation of your entire portfolio, the Lifetime Planner checks to see where you are in your Lifetime Plan. Then, in your Action plan, the Lifetime Planner maps out some ideas for how you could modify your portfolio to make it consistent with your long-term goals.

The Lifetime Planner develops its suggestions based on your Lifetime Plan and your current portfolio. Money looks at what you want your investments to do for you (for example, fund college in a few years or set you up for retirement). Then, using information from financial planners, Money develops a suggested portfolio allocation consistent with your age and goals. Finally, it compares that suggested portfolio allocation to your current allocation and shows you what you could do to move toward that target.

In the Choose the right classes of investments section of the Action plan page, you'll see either one or two allocation charts (depending on the data you've entered), some data, and some suggestions.

To learn more about what you'll see, click an option.

 Current asset allocation
 Targeted asset allocation
 Suggested investment changes


If you've recently added investments, Money might not know their asset class . To complete the information, just click each stock or fund link. You'll then be able to choose asset class information for that investment.