About the Career pages in the Lifetime Planner

Use the Career pages in the Lifetime Planner to tell Money what your current earnings are and what you expect them to be until you retire. The main Career page will be labeled with your name, as in "Larry's career." If you entered another breadwinner besides yourself on the About you page, you'll enter that person's career information on a Career page marked with his or her name. Other income (such as inheritance, alimony, or pension benefits) will go on the Other income page.

On the Career pages, you can:

 Tell Money what your current salary is
 Predict any annual raises
 Enter future events that will affect your main career, such as promotions or sabbaticals
 See a graph of your career earnings


To view the Career pages, in the left pane of the Lifetime Planner, click Income, and then click your name or your partner's name in the left pane below Income.