About the Homes & assets page in the Lifetime Planner

The Homes & assets page is where you tell Money about the major assets that you have now or plan to own in the future. Money lists your assets at the top of the page and shows details about the selected asset below.

A major asset is one that will have a large impact on your net worth , can be sold to pay for your retirement or large expenses, and typically appreciates in value. To accurately reflect your total net worth, be sure to include all the major assets you own or plan to own, such as:

Don't enter less expensive items you own (such as furniture) or items that depreciate over time. In Money, it's best to add cars (and other depreciating assets) as expenses. To do so, go to the College & other page in the Lifetime Planner.


To estimate your homeowner's insurance for items such as appliances, art, clothing, and electronics, use the Home Inventory worksheet.To learn more, see the related topics below.