About the Lifetime Planner

The Money Lifetime Planner helps you accomplish your long-term goals. These goals might include retirement, paying for college, or taking a sabbatical from work.

You can try out just about any event that might have a major financial impact on your lifetime plan. For example, you can "model" what would happen if you took some time off work, received an inheritance, sent all your kids to college, or retired early. You can enter these events in your plan or try out the Financial Event Modeler. This feature uses your actual data, but lets you test different scenarios without actually putting them in your lifetime plan.

Your lifetime plan is automatically integrated with information you enter elsewhere in Money. For example, when you update the balances of your investment accounts and other accounts in the Banking area, they're automatically updated in the Lifetime Planner.

Once you create your lifetime plan, the Lifetime Planner tells you what you need to do to start following through. If you keep your accounts current, update your goals as they change, and try to follow the other strategies suggested throughout the Lifetime Planner, your forecasts will be accurate, no matter where life takes you.