About the effects of overriding projected tax totals

Sometimes you need to override the values in the Tax Estimator worksheet when your past income and expenses do not reflect an accurate picture of the rest of the year. However, once you override the calculated amounts, Money uses the values you entered instead of projected calculations. If you add new transactions , they won't show up in the Tax Estimator in categories you've overridden.

If you want to change the amount Money is projecting without changing your account registers, you can enter additional income or spending that's not in your Money file. You can add positive or negative numbers to change the way Money projects your amounts for the year. If you use this method, instead of overriding the Tax Estimator amount, Money still adds any new transactions to the calculations as you enter them during the rest of the year.

If you have overridden values in the Tax Estimator worksheet and you want to go back to the calculated amounts, click Reset Values, and then click which values you'd like to reset.