You can use Systems Management Software (SMS), another software distribution program, or script to distribute the OMPM File Scanner.

If you have SMS or other software distribution software currently deployed in your environment, use SMS to distribute and run the OMPM File Scanner. SMS encrypts the data that it transmits. Iif you are using another software distribution package, refer to your product documentation for information regarding whether it encrypts the data. If you are not using SMS, be aware that scanning files across a network can lead to potential security issues, in the same way that reading or editing any document across a network can create security issues.

Files to Distribute

Whether you are using SMS or another software distribution system or script, include the following files that ship with OMPM in the distribution package for the computers that you want to scan:

  • OFFSCAN.EXE - OMPM File Scanner program

  • ACCSCAN.DLL - Application library modules

  • OFFSCAN.INI - Configuration file

  • MSVBVM50.DLL - Visual Basic 5.0 runtime version

  • SYSTEM.MDW - Access system database

Your distribution mechanism should copy these files to a folder on the computer to be scanned (for example C:\OFFSCAN).

Distributing the OMPM File Scanner with SMS

Use SMS to run the OMPM File Scanner so that it scans with one of the following methods:

  • Run the OMPM File Scanner from a server to scan workstation hard drives.

  • Copy all relevant OMPM File Scanner files to each computer and run the OMPM File Scanner locally.

  • Copy a script to each computer that starts the OMPM File Scanner from a file share.

See Sample SMS deployment script for OMPM for help with packaging the OMPM File Scanner for SMS distribution.

Other ways to distribute the OMPM File Scanner

For computers that are not always connected to the network, such as laptops and computers in branch offices, you can distribute all of the appropriate files via CD or user-initiated download.

Use a login script for the OMPM File Scanner to do the following:

  • Distribute the OMPM File Scanner by using a login script. To accomplish this, use IExpress 2.0 to create a distribution package. For more information, see Use IExpress 2.0 to create a distribution package for OMPM.

  • Run the OMPM File Scanner from a central share by using a login script. The OMPM File Scanner scans a set of files once per RunID. To scan the same set of files again, provide a different RunID in the offscan.ini file.

Collecting OMPM File Scanner log files

When the scan is complete, the XML log files are compressed into CAB files on the local computer if you specify CABLogs=1 in the offscan.ini file. The default is to create CAB files. Use an SMS collection job to retrieve the CAB or XML files and store them in a central location. For optimum network performance, store the CAB or XML files in a folder on the same server on which your database is located.

For offline computers, you can upload the resulting compressed CAB or XML files to a share folder, copy the files to a CD, or e-mail the files as an attachment, depending on which method best suits your environment.

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