Microsoft offers two migration tools for migrating user files and settings: the User State Migration Tool (USMT) 3.0 for large deployments and Windows Easy Transfer for migrating computers one at a time.

USMT 3.0

You can use USMT 3.0 to migrate user files and settings during large deployments of Windows XP, Windows Vista, and the 2007 Microsoft Office system. USMT captures desktop and application settings, as well as user accounts and files, and then migrates them to a new installation of Windows and the 2007 Office system. Using USMT can help you improve and simplify your migration process. For more information, see User State Migration Tool 3.0 (

Windows Easy Transfer

To migrate settings from only one computer to another, you can use the Windows Easy Transfer wizard. This wizard is built into Windows Vista and is available for Windows XP at Windows Easy Transfer for Windows XP ( The Windows Easy Transfer wizard automatically transfers your personal data from a computer that is running Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista to a Windows Vista-based computer. It moves user accounts, files and folders, e-mail messages and settings, address book entries, and Windows settings. It does not move programs.