For a group of users that has specific needs, you can create a custom configuration for that group by using the Config.xml file and Setup customization files, creating a separate installation folder that contains the Setup program and customizations for that group's configuration, and then running (or having users run) Setup from that separate folder. The separate installation folder will contain only Setup.exe, Config.xml, and Setup customization files. The remaining installation files that are needed will be contained in the primary network installation folder for the 2007 Microsoft Office system.

The method described in this article is presented as an alternative method to the one presented in Create different configurations of the 2007 Office system for different groups of users; the primary difference is the use of the separate installation folder. The benefit of using a separate installation folder for a group of users as described in the following procedure is that it allows you (or the users in that group) to run Setup from that location and receive the group's customized configuration without having to use complex commands and network paths with Setup.exe.

Create and install a custom configuration for a group of users by using a separation installation folder

  1. Create a folder that is separate from the primary network installation folder for the 2007 Office system. For example, GroupCustomOfficeInstallFolder.

  2. Create a copy of Setup.exe, Config.xml, and Osetup.dll on the new folder (you will find these files on the primary network installation folder).

  3. Using a text editor, open Config.xml and do the following:

    • Edit the Location attribute in the DistributionPoint element to get the 2007 Office system installation files from the primary network installation folder. For example:

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      <DistributionPoint Location=\\share\Primary2007OfficeSystemNetworkInstallationFolder />
    • If you have created one or more Setup customization files by using the Office Customization Tool (OCT), edit the CheckForSUpdates and SUpdateLocation attributes in the SetupUpdates element to enable Setup to find Setup customization files in the new folder. (By default, Setup will look for Setup customization files in the Updates folder, and then run them in alphabetical order if there is more than one.) For example:

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    • Use a text editor, such as Notepad, to edit Config.xml. Do not use a general-purpose XML editor, such as Microsoft Office Word 2007.

    • For more information about how to create Setup customization files, see Office Customization Tool in the 2007 Office system.

  4. Run Setup.exe from the new GroupCustomOfficeInstallFolder folder. You can map a drive for users or run Setup from the command line. For example:

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