Updated: 2009-01-15

This topic lists the changes in Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 from Microsoft Office 2003.


Description: Project Server authentication is replaced by Forms authentication. This requires setting up a forms virtual server. Users will not be able to set up the equivalent of Project Server authentication without a forms virtual server.

Reason for change: This enables users to authenticate against any data store that supports Forms authentication, not just Office Project Server 2007.

Migration path: Users of Project Server authentication will be migrated during the upgrade to Office Project Server 2007. Administrators can use the PJFormsAuthUpgrade tool to add users to a membership store.

Project versions

Description: The creation of Project versions codes and the ability to save multiple versions of a project with the same name is removed.

Reason for change: This was a low-use feature, and this change, along with the new alternate routes to obtaining version functionality, provides greater simplicity for customers.

Project Web Access: Microsoft Software License Terms

Description: Users must no longer accept the Microsoft Software License Terms when first using Office Project Web Access.

Project Web Access: MUI

Description: Some pieces of Office Project Web Access might not plug in at run-time.

Publish by Resource

Description: Publishing new and changed assignments for a selected group of resources is removed.

Reason for change: This was a low-use and low-awareness feature. This change simplifies the user interface and decreases functional complexity.


Description: A command line tool that restored project-level data from a restored copy of the Project Server database is removed.

Migration path: Backup and restore now occurs from a user interface that is supplemented with a new command line tool, stsadm.exe, which enables automation outside the user interface.

Site links

Description: The code that supports the up to <site> link in Project workspaces is removed.

Reason for change: The architecture has changed, so the Web pages now fall back on the root site to support this feature.

Migration path: Upgrade removes the SharePoint site URL.

Update tasks

Description: Updating tasks from Office Project Server 2007 to Microsoft Office Project 2007 is changed from client/server to all server-side. Customers can update project plans based on data submitted using Office Project Web Access. In Project 2003, customers could move updates from Project Server into Project Professional, view or modify the updates, and then decide whether to save the changes. In Office Project 2007, users can preview their changes in Office Project Web Access, but in Web client preview they have fewer tools to use in examining the results than they had in the Project 2003 Professional preview.

Reason for change: This change was based on customer feedback. Customers wanted the ability to update projects by working on the server only. This change significantly improves the performance of the update process. It also enables customers to create custom business processes to automate the update process.

Migration path: As part of the migration process, customers must update all project plans before the data migration process begins.

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