Updated: 2009-01-15

This topic lists the changes in Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 from FrontPage 2003.

Design Time Control Support

Description: Design Time Control (DTC) support is removed from the product. Design Time Controls inserted into a page are treated like regular mark-up.

Reason for change: This was a low-use feature.

Hover Buttons

Description: Hover buttons are removed from Office SharePoint Designer 2007.

Reason for change: Prevents confusion between hover buttons and interactive buttons.

Navigation bars in Word 2007

Description: Navigation bars in Microsoft Office Word 2007 documents are no longer available.

Reason for change: Office Word 2007 no longer supports navigation bars in documents, so this feature is no longer available in Office SharePoint Designer 2007. This was a low-use feature.

Table Eraser tool

Description: The table eraser tool in the Table toolbar is removed.

Reason for change: Office SharePoint Designer 2007 includes a new set of table tools.

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