Updated: 2009-01-15

This topic lists the changes in Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 from Office 2003.

Deleted Pages

Description: The Deleted Pages feature is removed. When you delete a page in Office OneNote 2007, it is placed in the Deleted Pages folder.

Reason for change: Most users did not use this feature to restore deleted pages.

Ink Groups

Description: The Show Ink Groups feature on the Tools menu is removed. Entry points to the feature are also removed. Office OneNote 2007 no longer shows users the structure it identifies for their ink as they write.

Reason for change: This was a low-use feature with only moderate satisfaction. Removing the feature simplifies the user interface. The feature is also no longer needed due to the more intelligent and context-aware parsing engine.

Page Header

Description: The title area in Office OneNote 2007 is removed.

Reason for change: The title area was not commonly used.

Migration path: This change is made automatically during upgrade.

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