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This article discusses migration considerations for Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007.

Migrating files to the new file format

The file format for presentations created in Office PowerPoint 2007 has changed. For more information about new file formats in the 2007 Microsoft Office system, see File format reference for the 2007 Office system. For more information about migrating files to new file formats, or for coexisting with different versions of PowerPoint, see Planning for migration to the 2007 Office system and Migrating to the 2007 Office system.

New user interface, graphics, and formatting capabilities

Office PowerPoint 2007 has a new, intuitive user interface called the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface, which helps users create better presentations much more quickly than they could in earlier versions of PowerPoint. Office PowerPoint 2007 offers new and improved effects, themes, and enhanced formatting options that can be used to create great-looking, dynamic presentations in a fraction of the time that it used to take.

Storing or sharing files

Slide Libraries

In Office PowerPoint 2007, users can share and reuse slide content by storing individual slide files in a centrally located Slide Library on a server running Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. Users can publish slides from Office PowerPoint 2007 to a Slide Library, and add slides to their PowerPoint presentation from a Slide Library. By storing content in a Slide Library, users reduce the need to re-create content because they can easily repurpose existing content.

When you use Slide Libraries, users can ensure that their content is up to date by linking slides in their presentation to slides that are stored on the server. If the server version changes, users will be prompted to update their slides.

For more information about using PowerPoint with Slide Libraries, see Share and reuse PowerPoint 2007 slide content (

Save as PDF or XPS

Office PowerPoint 2007 supports exporting files to the formats Portable Document Format (PDF) and XML Paper Specification (XPS) with the download of the 2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS ( For more information about enabling support for other file formats, see Enable support for other file formats, such as PDF and XPS (

Presentation security

With a number of new security features in Office PowerPoint 2007, users can help ensure that their presentation is safely managed after it leaves their hands by hiding the author's name, making sure that all comments have been deleted, and restricting who can make changes to it. In Office PowerPoint 2007, users can:

  • Prevent inadvertent changes to a final version of a document by using the Mark As Final command.

  • Find and remove hidden metadata and personal information in documents by using the Document Inspector.

  • Provide assurance as to the authenticity, integrity, and origin of their presentation by adding an invisible digital signature.

  • Assign permissions that prevent others from copying, printing, or editing their presentation by using the 2007 Office system with Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services for Windows Server 2003.

  • Manage document properties in the Document Information Panel.

For more information about the new security features, see What's new in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 (

Trusted locations

A trusted location is typically a folder on the client computer or a network share. Any file that a user puts in a trusted location can be opened without being checked by the Trust Center security feature. If users think that the document and the macro in the document are from a trustworthy source, it is better to move the document to a trusted location, instead of changing the default Trust Center settings to a less safe macro security setting. When users open the file from the trusted location, it is not checked by the Trust Center security feature, users will not receive any security alerts, and the macro is enabled.

You can set up predefined trusted locations for your users or have them use the default trusted locations on their client computers. Several trusted locations are automatically created when you install the 2007 Office system. The following are some examples:

  • drive\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Templates

  • drive\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Document Themes 12

For more information about trusted locations, see Create, remove, or change a trusted location for your files (

Presentation delivery

The broadcast feature has been removed from Office PowerPoint 2007 as it was rarely used. To help users collaborate online and share presentations with individuals or large groups in different locations, we recommend Microsoft Office Live Meeting. For more information about Microsoft Office Live Meeting, see Office Online Microsoft Office Live Meeting (

The Send for Review feature, accessible at File, Send To, Mail Recipient (For Review), has also been removed from Office PowerPoint 2007. The Send for Review feature is superseded by the group collaboration features in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. The collaboration features in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 provide a more robust workflow. Alternatively, users can send the document to reviewers in an e-mail message. Reviewers can comment on the document by using the Comments feature located on the Review tab. For more information about the Comments feature, see Add, change, or delete a comment in a presentation (

Troubleshooting and recovery

2007 Office system has improved troubleshooting and recovery features.

Microsoft Office Diagnostics replaces the Microsoft Office 2003 features: Detect and Repair and Microsoft Office Application Recovery. Microsoft Office Diagnostics is a series of diagnostic tests that can solve some problems directly and might identify ways that you can solve other problems. For more information, see Diagnose and repair crashing Office programs by using Office Diagnostics (

Office PowerPoint 2007 has improved capabilities to help you to avoid losing work when the program closes abnormally. Whenever possible, Office PowerPoint 2007 tries to recover some aspects of the state of the program after it restarts. For more information, see Automatically save and recover Office files (

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