Updated: 2009-01-22

The following table describes the filtering criteria that you can select on the 2007 Office Release Compatibility page in OMPM Reports.

Field Description

Scanner Run

A list of all run descriptions and their IDs. Filters to all files that were scanned in that scanner run. Note: The data displayed for each file is from the latest scanner run.

Issue Type

Filters by type of issue, including Access Error, Scanner Error, Tool Error, and Upgrade Issue. Filters to all files that have that issue.

Select Issues of Specified Type

Shows unresolved issues filtered to the specified issue type.

Select Resolved Issues and Actions

Shows issues that have been resolved by user actions, such as converting the file.

Max Issue Level

Filters by the maximum issue level found in a file, including Red, Yellow, and Green. For example, if a file has a red issue and a green issue, it is filtered with a red issue.

File Format

Filters by file format. You can select individual programs, or you can select Excel/PowerPoint/Word to select all files that can be converted to the new .xml file formats in the 2007 Office release.

File Extension

Filters by file extension.

Modified Before

Shows files with a last modified date that is before the date specified.

Modified After

Shows files with a last modified date that is after the date specified.

File Access

Filters by the file access that the scanner had to each file. For example, if the file is on a drive that is read only for the scanner, the file is listed as read only.

Min Size (KB)

Shows files that are the file size specified or bigger.


Filters by domain; the string must be an exact match.

Computer Name

Filters by computer name; the string must be an exact match.

Path Begins With

Shows files where the long path name begins with the characters specified.

Name Begins With

Shows files where the file name begins with the characters specified.

System Folders

Shows files from the selected system folders. The system folder <undefined> filters to files not found in system folders.

Selected Filter SQL

This is a read-only field showing the most recently applied SQL clause. Click the Customize SQL button to edit the SQL clause. Click Clear SQL Filter to return to editing the filter in the form view. Advanced: When customizing SQL, you can insert filter criteria by using a field in the form view and clicking Add Selected Criteria to insert those criteria into the SQL query.

After you have applied a filter, the Scanned Files and Created Files windows contain the first 1,000 files that were returned. You can sort or filter by any column by using data sheet column headers, but the results will be only for those 1,000 files. For example, if you sort by File Name, OMPM Reports returns the same 1,000 files sorted by File Name. To sort or filter on all of the files in that scanner run, click Open in a new window at the bottom of the Scanned Files or Created Files window.

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