Updated: 2009-04-09

By default, Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 applies a grouping feature when displaying e-mail messages in folders. This feature is applied to custom views as well as default views.

You can deploy Outlook without the Group By feature by using the Modify user settings page of the Office Customization Tool (OCT). This setting cannot be locked down by using Group Policy.


This topic is for Outlook administrators. To configure the Outlook Group By feature on your computer, see Group or ungroup messages in your Inbox.

To configure Group By behavior in the OCT

  1. In the OCT, on the Modify user settings page, click the plus sign ( + ) next to Microsoft Office Outlook 2007.

  2. Click Miscellaneous, and then double-click Disable Show In Groups and new style arrangements on old views.

  3. Select Apply Changes, then select the Check to disable Show In Groups and Applied Arrangements check box.

  4. Click OK.


The Group By feature can be problematic for upgrades, especially if a user has created a custom view in a folder. For example, a user might have specified a custom view to sort by date or by sender. When Outlook is upgraded to Office Outlook 2007, the Group By feature is applied regardless of existing views, and users have to re-create any custom views. Disabling the feature prevents this behavior.

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