This setup simulator is a series of HTML pages designed to mimic the Office 97 Professional setup and will help familiarize individuals with setup prior to deployment. It will be especially helpful to network administrators and those who provide support to others. It includes the following installation types:
Install Mode This is for a first time installation to your local hard drive.
Maintenance Mode This setup is used to add/remove portions of the product, remove or re-install the product.
Administrative Mode As the name implies, this is used for a first time installation to a network server.
Network Mode This is the setup for a computer that is doing a first time install from a network server.


You can either run the Office 97 Professional Setup Simulator from the CD-ROM or you can install it to a hard drive.

  To run from the CD-ROM:
  •  Double click the file "Begin.htm" located in the simsetup folder.
  To install and run from a hard disk drive:
  •  Copy the folder "simsetup" and its contents to the destination drive.
  •  Double click on "Begin.htm" from within the simsetup folder.

Return to the beginning:

  •  Click on the house button, which is located at the lower left corner of each page.
  •  Use the back button at the top of the screen to cycle through the simulator until you reach the beginning.
  •  Close your browser and re-launch the Setup Simulator.

Product Support:

  •  There is no support offered for the Office 97 Professional Setup Simulator. For a text version of this file, click >here<.
  •  The default choices shown in the Setup Simulator may differ slightly from those in the actual setup.
  •  We chose not to use frames so older browsers could still access this simulator.
  •  The Setup Simulator is best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or better.



The Office 97 Professional Setup Simulator was conceived and created by the fine folks in the Word, PowerPoint & Publisher unit of Microsoft AnswerPoint.

Thank you for purchasing Microsoft Office 97 Professional.

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