Hot Keys

Buttons Description
Ctrl+O Open PDF File
Ctrl+F Detects areas automatically
Ctrl+Del Deletes all areas
Del Deletes selected area
Ctrl+A Selects all
S Select Area tool
H Selects the "hand" tool for viewing documents
1 Select Text Area tool
2 Select Picture Area tool
3 Select Table Area tool
Ctrl+D Add Area Part tool
Ctrl+U Cut Area Part tool
Ctrl+Shift+F Autodetects table sructure
Ctrl+T Add Vertical Separator tool
Ctrl+H Add Horizontal Separator tool
Ctrl+Shift+Del Delete Separator tool
Ctrl+L Splits selected cells
Ctrl+M Merges selected cells
Ctrl+R Renumber Areas tool
Ctrl+Z or


Undoes the last action
Ctrl+Enter or


Redoes the previously undone action
Ctrl+S Starts conversion
Ctrl+1 Changes the type of the selected area to text
Ctrl+2 Changes the type of the selected area to table
Ctrl+3 Changes the type of the selected area to picture
Ctrl+Shift+"+" Zoom In
Ctrl+Shift+"-" Zoom Out
Ctrl+TAB Switch from the Image View window to the settings panel

Program Dialog Boxes

Accessibility Features in ABBYY PDF Transformer Help