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When writing messages, always use charcater set

Set a specific character set for The Bat! to use for any message you write to this contact.

Tip: This is very interesting when you have a contact using a language very different from English, like Slavic or Asian languages, needing their own character set.


Add this address to the instant address (Favourite) pop-up menu

Check this and your contact is only a mouse-click away.

Tip: In The Bat!'s main window use the Favourites menu to quickly create a message to regular contacts.


Automatically add secondary addresses to the BCC field

If you have entered several e-mail addresses for a contact this option will ensure that the secondary addresses get a copy of the message.

Tip: Particularly handy for communication with large companies, when several people or departments need a copy of the same message.



Put in any additional information to describe the contact.



Note: Any information in an address book entry can later be retrieved by macros in templates to automate composition or filter tasks.

Note: Fields can be "recylced" - by clever use of address book fields and %ABnnnPPP template macros and a little imagination, you can store and retrieve any kind of information in the address book.