Edit Colour Group


The Edit Colour Group dialog box allows you to change the Colour Group settings for individual message list colour groups.


This dialog box can be invoked from the edit colour groups button of "Edit Message List View Colours" dialog, which can be called from the Edit Colour Groups item of "Colour Group" sub-menu of Message Menu of the Main Window.


When creating the colour group you can give it a unique ID or handle. Again this should be a meaningful reminder of its purpose for your own reference.


When editing the settings for a colour group, you can give it a name (one to specify the meaning of that colour group for your own reference).


You can select a Font script to be used in association with this colour group.


Here the dialog splits and gives you access to settings for Normal, Unread, Selected and Inactive messages (and combinations of these attributes) using a standard tabbed dialog control. For each of these types of message you can set the text colour, the background colour and the font style (bold/italic/underlined/strikeout).