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/CHECK can be used as a command line parameter for The Bat! whenever you want to check mail for one or more accounts.


/CHECKALL command is used for checking mail for all accounts and exiting from The Bat! if there were no new messages received. It is a shortcut for the combination of /CHECK* /SMARTEXIT





/CHECK<account mask1>[;account mask2[;account mask3[...]]]


The Account mask is used to identify which account(s) to perform the check operation for. It can be:


† the full name of a single account. Example: /CHECK"My account 1";"My account 2". This instructs The Bat! to check new mail for two accounts with names "My account 1" and "My account 2" (note that quotation marks are not included into accounts' names - they are used only because the names contain space characters)
† the beginning of a name ending with an asterisk. Example: to check new mail for all accounts with names starting with the word "My", use /CHECKmy*
† asterisk followed by the end of an account name. Example: /CHECK*1 will check new mail for all accounts with names ending with "1".
† a name fragment surrounded by asterisks. Example: /CHECK*account* to check all accounts with the word "account" in their name.
† an asterisk, which means that all accounts will be checked



Note: To separate account masks, use semicolons (";" character). Do not use spaces between account masks when using the /CHECK command as a command line parameter because a space-separated mask will be interpreted as the start of the next command line parameter and will not be processed as intended.        

Note: If a mask contains space characters, enclose it in quotation marks as shown in the first example. If a mask contains quotation marks, you should use single quotes (" ' " characters).